Audio Branding

We created Telemadrid’s overall identity through one of its most traditional sounds, modernizing it  with instruments from other cultures that give the city its current multicultural personality.


Comodo Screen + Mucho + TeleMadrid

The regional television channel TeleMadrid needed to rebrand. Its objective was to attract viewers to the channel, presenting itself as fresh and light-hearted choice. We decided to create something modern and electronic, in line with their new concept while also respecting the traditional sounds of the city’s culture.


Creative process


TeleMadrid’s Audio Logo

We took advantage of the unique sound and cadence of the chotis organ, and we shifted it to a modern sphere, combining it with different rhythms and instruments –  xylophones, celestas, marimbas, and tonal percussion instruments – to bring out the city’s current multicultural personality.


La Otra’s Audiologo

La Otra’s audiologo is very similar to TeleMadrid’s, though it resolves with a different harmony: while TeleMadrid resolves with low-frequency tones, La Otra uses high-frequency ones. Both draw inspiration from the characteristic sound of the Madrid organ.



TeleMadrid and LaOtra needed a set of pieces – for broadcasting ads, promotions, bumpers – where the chain’s audiologo will be displayed. Today these pieces form a unified sound identity based on two principles: Madrid’s authenticity and the city’s multicultural character.


Technical Observations

To get an authentic sound of old Madrid, we looked for old chotis recordings. We made a collage with seconds-long segments and we used them as both a melodic support and a sound effect.




Design by Mucho
Motion & Direction by Comodo Screen