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We may present ourselves as musicians, sound makers and producers. But what really defines us as sound artists is how we envision our work, how we weave music and sound design into consistent and descriptive soundscapes.

We apply our sonic approach to different sectors and multimedia. To date, we have created soundscapes for audio branding, fiction films, animation series, exhibitions and advertising campaigns among others.


We see music as a sonic language that crosses genres and styles.

We prefer not to use the static timbres or moods we already know. As conceptual artists, we base our work on our existing musical background and talent to deliver our best vision.

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Sound Design

We think with our ears.

Our sound design process aims to combine the magnificence and realism of cinema with the incredible ‘wow’ effect of experimental sound art.

We craft sound as a process and avoid the ‘drag and drop’ from sample libraries, preferring to use Foley, synthesizers and field recordings instead. We firmly believe that the creative process enhances the final output of a sound in the projects we work on.

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This is how we weave music with sound design.

Our soundscapes are not about calm drones or sounds of nature. They are the fusion of our musical and sonic thinking. We envision the soundscape as the final output according to a single narrative concept: when instruments and sound effects are part of the same discussion, and when we as musicians and sound designers join together as one team.

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