Original music & Sound design

A vibrant trance that pushes the spectator into a rough wall of sound


Blur Films + Marc Corominas + Sra Rushmore

This story needed a soundtrack and music that would accentuate the additive and sustained character of the visual piece, but without any fancy tricks or musical pirouettes. We needed a simple and delicate sound design that emanated an attitude of determination, pertinence, and effort before a specific objective.

Creative process

Initially we created a very blunt Foley track, which fit with the wide shots and immense spaces at the beginning of the piece. However, the sounds – steps, breathing – had to be closer, more textured and organic. For the music, we composed a classical and minimalist melody that conveyed resolve and power. We use a cyclical arpeggio, adding a note to the one before it. This closed in on a vibrant trance that pushes the spectator into a rough wall of sound. We also wanted the music to emerge from the Foley; from the sound that they generated, from their push, until they reached a point of tension where the music dropped off and abruptly stopped playing. The string and organ chords give the piece a ritual, sacred, and transcendent feeling.

Technical observations

Shepard Tone  

To strengthen the ascending sense of the piece we drew inspiration from the psychoacoustic effects of the Shepard tone. The Shepard tone is an auditory illusion of a sound that continually seems to ascend or descend.


We put special dedication in the most aerobic aspect of the piece: human breathing, to convey effort, tenacity, and the human quality of the images.

The piano

To get the desired combination of hardness and cleansing, we came to try three different pianos: a grand piano in a large space, a baby grand in a smaller space, and an upright — a Schimmel — in a domestic space, which was recorded with eight microphones.



Produced by Garlic Films

Directed by Marc Corominas

Agency : Sra Rushmore