Stone Animals

Música + diseño sonoro

(Ambisonics sound. Please put your headphones for quality listening)

Animals is a conceptual piece created by Director and Visual Artist Carmelo Barberá. This is the story of three sculptures that gradually start coming alive. Distinguished by three different personalities and matter, they symbolize three fantastic animals, three different environments: the sea (green), the forest (amber) and the air (blue).


The shapes, isolated and placed within broad and neutral surroundings, as if they were art works, are awakening and stretching out throughout the piece, behaviours that will be reflected in their movements and the music wrapping this development.


The sound design aims to project sounds from each ecosystem in the moving objects, staying loyal to the nature of each but merging the most descriptive sounds with ambience details related to each environment.


The music channels the dramatic-emotional role of the piece: starting with a deadlock, a static silent nature. Bit by bit, we observe how the objects vitality and image motion increase. A movement expanding the music grows and collapses until it reaches a final hopeful climax.


Warm and organic sounds from synths as well as modified cords to sound synthetic and digital, compose the music playing opposite roles to evidence the strange, foreign ambience of the piece.