Original music & Sound design

Flamencos vs Dvein is an experimental piece where a simple idea is warped and distorted until the format becomes the main character. In this case, flamingoes, they appear in their habitats, but as if its creator got bored, things start to get… stretchy.

We tried to apply the punk essence of the visual art into the audio: we recorded everything with our smartphone microphones and we used things around the studio to create the sounds that would illustrate the movements of the crazy flamingoes.

Rubber bands, glasses, rubbing cork against the wall, punching the sofa or even recreating the flamingo steps with our wet hands on the concrete floor of our meeting room.

The result is a humorous, strange, mind bending sound approach that adds up to that cute chaos that rises until the explosive end. Needless to say, no flamingoes were harmed during the creation of this project.