Original music & Sound design

The concept of this piece was to recreate a music to mix the retro futuristic aesthetic with avantgarde and urban styles, to represent a dystopian city setting but optimistic, emotional and breezy at the same time.


The idea of composing a song that would be played in 2040 in a vast Chinese city required the presence of language, which we included through Chinese vowel chops along the track. Elements of folk Chinese music such as the pentatonic scale or the erhu (traditional Chinese violin) were also essential to include to contextualize.

One of the biggest elements of the game is obviously speed. For this, we created high speed moments, total resting moments and mid tempo moments.


These different speed stages are naturally distributed throughout the video. High speed moments are sports moments / car chase. Mid tempo moments are associated to the movements of the two main characters and urban landscapes. Relaxing time slots take place in scenes like the restaurant or the glimpse to the city’s architecture during the intro.


The music follows one another in series of different episodes. These are separate stories but with a common thread, which illustrate what we see and nourish the scenes with attitude, originality and futuristic complexity.

Client BMW Asia

Directed by Alan Masferrer