Original music & Sound design

In this project, we distanced ourselves from the standard campaigns in the cosmetic industry, and we played with various textures that created highly evocative sound inflections.


Blinkink + W+K Tokio + Dvein

WASO is a new natural cosmetics line, for which Shiseido is targeting Millennials.
The concept of the campaign is to represent nature and technology as autonomous elements which, without having been manipulated by human beings, live in harmony, complement each other, and benefit mutually from one another.

Creative process

A delicate and dream-like soundscape

We designed an aesthetic code that connects with the target group, but distancing ourselves from the trends for cosmetic campaigns. We wanted to create a dream-like, delicate and exquisite piece from a simple and natural perspective. For this, it was important to show that nature can be both dark and beautiful. We designed a soundscape that combined polyphony, percussion, Foley, and children’s voices. We used the voices as an allegory to a vital start.

In the process of creating the piece, we swapped the powers of the sound elements. In this way, sometimes music has a more dramatic effect, and the sound effects have a more rhythmic and melodic function, thus creating concise and eloquent sound semantics.

Sound and musical aspects

Imperfections bring an organic texture.

It was very interesting to work with the fuzzy tuning of some analogue synthesizers. These imperfections bring an organic texture to the electronic music, leading it closer to the image.

While we worked on the sound design, we discovered that the sound of some insects had a very similar sound structure to some percussion instruments, which helped us enrich the musical rhythm and the Foley with a single sound.

Shiseido | BANJO Shiseido | BANJO


Directed by Dvein in collaboration with Espadaysantacruz

Cinematography: Juan Santacruz
Editor: María Antón Cabot
Postproduction: Analog & Dvein
Live action art Director: David Diez
Production Director: Alberto López Garrido

Client: Shiseido

Agency: W+K Tokio

Creative Director: Azsa West
Art Director: Sara Phillips
Agency Producer: Kana Wakabayashi

Production company: Blinkink
Executive Producer: Bart Yates & Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Producer: Benjamin Lole