Selena Gómez – “De una vez”

Animation, Original music & Sound design

Selena Gómez - "De una vez"

How does a heart made of quartz sound? And a twister on a living room?
Those were the questions we asked ourselves when creating a realistic but artsy sound design approach for the clip of Selena Gomez’s new single “De una vez”.
We looked for answers by recording foleys of ceramics, ice scratches, adhesive tape, stones, branches and liquids, and processed them digitally by computer changing their sonic wave formants and spaces. Our goal was to create a soundscape of an imagined reality, to elevate the animation towards an upper artistic stage.
This project commissioned by Selena Gomez and Interscope, has been a fun challenge to formulate sounds like ceramic scratches, ice cracking, glass breaks as well as synthetic and granular drones.


Music: Selena Gómez
Sound design: Banjo Soundscapes
Directed by Los Pérez
Produced by

Foley Lab

Welcome to our foley lab with Eli, our lead sound designer. Long hours have been invested in testing and processing until we found the “ideal” sound for the image, which amplifies and complements its uniqueness!