Roger Dubuis

Original music & Sound design

Roger Dubuis crafted its Excalibur Aventador S watch based on the style and personality of the Lamborghini Squadra: speed, energy, light. Trizz was in charge of explaining this visually and transformed this idea into a race between light and the raging speed of the Lamborghini Squadra,

We translated this into sound leveraging on the technology and perfection feeling, but also on the energetic and charismatic mood of both Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini.

The light effects were actually created based on the harmonics and figures on the synthesizers, developing a beautiful connection between the ear and the eye.

We envisioned an epic car chase audio piece but from a titanic perspective: the sounds had to seem huge like mountains, we achieved this by using great bass sounds and smaller, high pitched noises to create this perspective.

We were inspired by the roaring engine sound of a high end racing car like the Lamborghini to add a layer of crunchiness to the composition.


Produced by TRIZZ