Original music & Sound design


Serial Cut celebrates its 20th anniversary with this audio-visual piece.

“To write a sound ecosystem that defines and enhances each of the characters and situations on this journey, via creation.” That was our commitment when we got involved in this professional and personal challenge.

Surrealism is based on using tangible and recognizable figures to create invented and implausible situations. So we used the same foundation to work on the sound in this piece. The sound effects had to give a tangible dimension to the visuals, whilst the music detached it from all reality. This duality has led us to a field of exploration in which we have mixed foley, sound design with synthesizers and strings, adding an indivisible and descriptive soundscape that merges to the image from which it has been created.

Executive Production: Serial Cut™

Creative Director: Sergio del Puerto & The SC Team

Director: Carmelo Barberá

Director of Photography: Olmo Sobrino

Set Art Director: Javier Le Pera

Costume Designer & Stylist: Bartholot

Production: Miqui Navarro & Antonello Novellino

Sound: Banjo Soundscapes

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