Neox Kidz

Audio Branding

We created the overall audio identity for the channel. We recorded helium voices, mechanical toys and balloons. It’s a celebration! It’s breaktime!

Creative process

The entire audio branding process was based on four essential elements. These components had to accompany the more traditionally styled cartoon character used in the video, but we updated and modernized them using electronic touches.

Music Branding

The music is made up of four simple and interspersed notes. It had to be funny, pleasant and lively in order for it to connect immediately with the children’s channel’s programming.


Voice brand

The channel uses a character called “Crokit”, an animated balloon that can mould into any shape. Crokit speaks using onomatopoeias and with a high-pitched voice. However, in order to create the voice we didn’t use a digital pitch shifter, rather we inhaled helium to achieve the desired sound. The outcome was much more organic and unique.


Sound brand

Our client needed a very descriptive and personalised set of sound effects. They needed to be Foleys that fitted well with the music and the character’s voice. For the “wooshes” we used balloons that we recorded them with two microphones positioned in a X/Y axis, making sure the movement matched the visuals and crossed the microphone’s axis in real time.

Audio logo

We decided that the audio logo should be very simple and easily identifiable for the target audience (children). It’s a celebration! It’s breaktime!

Technical and sound observations

We recorded voices after inhaling helium, the sound from mechanical toys and balloons that we stretched to make different tones and unique modulations. We also used Vocoders, and low-fi synthesizers. We aimed to recreate forced and artificial sounds using everyday elements known to kids, using minimal post-processing.


Design & Direction | Kotoc

Client | atresmedia