Movistar + NBA

Original music & Sound design

We created a comprehensive soundscape to enhance the story that is told.


Garlic films + Dvein + Movistar

Movistar+ wanted to promote its NBA space and target a very specific audience: public that watches their early morning matches.

Creative process

We thought that the music and sound design should be closely connected to the storytelling. We created vastly different enviroments that changed as they moved along with the story. We started by creating the most realistic Foley from sounds of the television set, the living room acoustics, the players’ steps… When the main character starts his transformation, the sound also changes into a more singular spectrum, bringing us closer to a nightmare.

Music and sound design | Storytelling

We designed a series of sounds which, when overlapped, create a clear crescendo. The piece reaches a climax just before the wolf’s howl. In the last part, we enter into a dark, urban, and modern environment. Enter techno music, with a percussive and rhythmic sound. Finally, we decided to break the piece up with some silences, which we use to stress the story’s moments of suspense.

Technical and sound observations

To strengthen the main character’s metamorphosis, we experimented with transforming human voices into grunts and growls. The result was a progressive evolution of the voice into a wolf’s howl.


2017 — New York TV & Film Awards | Best Original Soundtrack for TV Idents

Movistar + NBA | BANJO Movistar + NBA | BANJO


Produced by Garlic Films

Directed by Dvein

Client: Movistar+