Caza y Pesca

Audio Branding

We thought that, for the sound core to best connect with the audience, it should express the hunter’s most intimate experience


The channel Caza y Pesca needed to renew and sound brand to attract a different kind of viewer than its usual crowd –  rejuvenating its target audience. It needed us to design a soundscape that fit with its new core concept.

Creative process


We thought that, for the sound core to best connect with the audience, it should express the hunter’s most intimate experience. We had to be able to closely hear the texture of steps, clothing, breathing, and the wind in the sounds.
On the other hand, the music also had to provide a human factor – intelligence and emotion.

Sound ecosystem

The surroundings play a crucial role in hunting. The hunter is very well acquainted with the ecosystem he’s trailing in. The level of faithfulness this piece required made us record sounds in environments very similar to where the visual pieces were shot. We stayed loyal to the changes in the environment’s sounds depending on the season, weather conditions, and even the time. Each sound had to be exact, precise, and unerring.

Music as an adrenaline meter

We didn’t want the music to be too melodic and overbearing in the piece’s sound. It was to be descriptive and express what was going through the hunter’s mind. Dream-like and still at first, disquieting in the middle, and chaotic and immense right before the catch.

Free Jazz as a ritual

We also wanted the music to give the channel a certain intellectual and ritual character. The Free Jazz connected with our most primal side, but also with our evolved and intellectual side. This had us centre the soundtrack around this aesthetic.

Audiologo/ Prey

The soundtrack grows with the hunter’s adrenaline at the crowning moment. We decided that with the development of the piece, its closing sound effect would be the audiologo. This sound would intellectualize with the critical moment: when the hunter catches the prey.

Audiologo design 

The audiologo includes sounds of the tambour, marimba, mbira, and wooden instruments. We added some Foley to give texture to the sound. It is an ancestral call, an alert signal, a call for a ritual.

Technical Observations

The client was so demanding that we had to be supervised by an expert in ambient footage and nature documentary recording. Differentiating the virtually identical nuances in sound required a manual, meticulous crafting of the sound design.


2017 – Creative Pool Awards UK


Design & Directed by Comodo Screen

Client: Movistar +

Creative Director : Iñaki Martikorena

Audio Director at Movistar+ : Omar Tenani

Art director at Movistar + : Ricardo Fernandez

Team at Banjo

Iván Llopis | Main music – Audio art direction

Anna Segura | Executive production

Carles Delgado | Additional music – Audio editor

Marc Solà | Foley – Final Mix