We create audio branding
We compose soundscapes for audiences

We create sound identities for brands and their stories. We perceive music and sound design as being part of the same core concept. This allows us to build consistent and descriptive soundscapes that are aligned with the graphical, narrative and emotional scenarios presented. We see audio branding not only as an expressive and communicative process, but also as an artistic one.


We have created audio identities for National Geographic, Movistar +, Discovery Channel and Canal + France. Renowned audio-visual production companies have entrusted us with the task of designing soundscapes and music for campaigns for brands such as Audi, Coca-cola, BMW, Nike and Shiseido. And our animation department has produced music and audio for series that have been aired in more than 40 countries.


— Music & Sound design for TV Adverts
— Audio Logos
— Brand soundscapes for TV Channels
— Brand songs
— Audio art advise
— Sync licensing
— Video Games audio development


’18 — Gold World Medal New York TV & Film Awards
’17 — International Music & Sound Awards
’17 — New York TV & Film Awards
’17 — Creative Pool UK
’16 — International Music & Sound Awards

Creative ensemble

Our studio has a flexible team. We also have an extensive network of collaborators. This allows us to adapt our structure to the requirements of each project.

Our studio is an inspiring space, where musical instruments, synthesizers and audio post-production gear co-habit surrounded by nature. Walking through the forest to reach the studio is a fantastic way to start any project.



Banjo Soundscapes is run by Ivan Llopis -Lead Composer & Audio art director- and Anna Segura -Executive Producer-

Iván Llopis

Nonconforming composer / Geek of synthesizers / Classical Pianist

I have always been fascinated by the relationship between objects and sound. Since my childhood, I’ve been surrounded by machines like synthesizers and sequencers. I would describe my creative process as being based on play, inspiration, and experimentation.

While I experimented with electronic music, I also coursed traditional music studies, during which I discovered the classics and, by the age of ten years old, I had learned how to compose my first piano pieces. During this learning process, which took me from electronic synthesis to the piano, a major part of my personal sound universe was established and set in place. I then began working on documentaries, short films, and animated series before starting my career in the advertising sector at the age of 18.

Anna Segura

Executive Producer trained in film and advertising production / Passionate about photography and art

During my childhood, I was surrounded by the arts – everything from music to photography to paintings was present in my family. As a young girl, I enjoyed photography, which turned into a passion for moving images.

My education was comprehensive and eclectic: I studied a Degree in Image, Sound and Cinematographic Production, and a Master’s in Below-the-line. I’ve always been fascinated by the more organisational aspects of my artistic, visual and literary ventures. I’m convinced that the creative complexity and freedom needed for major artistic projects can only be found through order and discipline.

After working for various advertising production agencies, I founded my own company with Iván Llopis in 2007, Banjo Soundscapes. My educational background and cultural and artistic interests enable me to coordinate and optimise the practical side of all of our projects, ensuring outstanding results are delivered in line with the most demanding standards.

Banjo Soundscapes

Balancing art and briefs

Ivan and Anna opened their own Audio Branding studio in 2007, initially called Banjo Music. Now known as Banjo Soundscapes, there has been a natural evolution in their philosophy and belief that music, sound, and noise are not mutually exclusive; that a well-directed combination of sounds can transmit a specific meaning and convey complex emotions to the audience. With every new project, Iván and Anna focus on balancing the commissioned brief with the introduction of their artistic development and input into the assignment, believing this is the best way to communicate real emotions and to surprise the audience.